“Energy and poetry”: musician trio with charisma

It is not easy to be an organizer. The coordinator of the kissinger summer, thomas lutz, also had to find this out. Peter did not mean well with the event "energy and poetry" in the enchanting ambience of the hammelburg castle garden. Confident that the weather will hold on sunday morning, the concert of the trio macchiato from hamburg "open air" took place instead of. As a precaution, rain capes were handed out to the small number of visitors, and that was a good thing. But peter kept sending sprinkles during the two-hour event. The audience took it easy and still enjoyed hammelburg wine and the music, because the trio macchiato proved to be a real treat. With an interesting cast, exciting music between gypsy folklore, italian canzone, tango argentino and slavic influences, their melodies resembled a musical round trip along the countries around the mediterranean sea. Trio macchiato, that is: jana mishenina (violin, vocals), jakob neubauer (button accordion, vocals), henry altmann (double bass, percussion).

In a harbor by the sea

Expressive in their interpretations, they made you feel as if you were sitting in a cafe somewhere in a harbor by the sea. They interpreted well-known melodies such as the famous italian hit "azzurro" not in the style of adriano celentano, but in their own adaptation, reminiscent of "yiddish" poetry music reminded. In between, they recited poetic poems or told exciting stories that led from one piece to the next. Expressive, but also sensitive or melancholic, in between also fast and lively, their melodies sounded, which had to touch you in the soul as a listener. One had to listen carefully to which well-known melody they had just reinvented. The nursery rhyme "spannenlanger hansel" was like that only for a skilled listener recognizable. Impressive also jana mishenina, who is not only an excellent violinist, but also a very good singer and can enchant with her old voice. Perfect, homogeneous interplay distinguishes the musicians, but also the human charisma that characterized the three of them. It is understandable that they are a welcome guest at renowned festivals. They spread light and sun with their performance, so that the rain-covered sky no longer storte. Virtuoso music full of energy and exciting chats full of poetry, that also pleased the audience, who thanked the trio with much applause for an entertaining morning.


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