Donations for the animal shelter instead of animal suffering due to new year’s fireworks

The odp coburg-kronach collects donations for the coburg animal shelter until new year’s eve with the campaign "futter statt boller" (food instead of boller).

Members of the odp from coburg city and county provided information on the topic of new year’s eve fireworks at the marketplace in coburg and collected donations for a good cause, the party reports.

On new year’s eve, the level of harmful particulate matter rises explosively. According to the federal environment agency, this amounts to around 4200 tons, which corresponds to 15.5 percent of the fine dust emitted by road traffic in the entire year.

Many cities and municipalities in germany have issued a partial or even complete ban on fireworks for the coming new year’s eve, and many stores are removing fireworks from their assortments. Paramedics, emergency doctors and firefighters are in action.

In addition to house fires, injuries and the problem of the resulting mull, the odp believes that it is above all the frightened animals that are massively affected by the new year’s eve fireworks.

Therefore the odp-county-association kronach-coburg speaks out for designated bollerflachen far away from hospitals and senior citizens’ homes, nursing homes and children’s homes, forests or animal shelters and agricultural barns. "Bans do not make wise, but the weakest of the society have requirement on protection, it continues in the press release. On monday morning, information is provided and collected on the market square in bad rodach.

The opinions about the bollerei are divided in the population, however, in the meantime also a majority can imagine the turn of the year without bollerei.

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