Dispute over well water test

Dispute over well water test

The association for the protection of the rhine and its tributaries (VSR) was founded on 9. September with an information booth in forchheim. According to their own press release, environmentalists had told some burgers that their well water contained too much nitrate. In total, the water from 76 privately used wells from the area of forchheim – hallerndorf – eggolsheim was analyzed. Every sixth well owner has been told that their sample exceeds the german drinking water ordinance limit of 50 milligrams.

Environmentalists see the reason for this in intensive agriculture. "The previous dung ordinances allowed the agricultural industry to grow and to overrun its agricultural land at the expense of the environment", claims susanne bareib-gulzow, chairwoman of VSR water protection. The environmental contract form of agriculture, to which many farms paid, disappeared against it more and more.

The organization therefore advises burgers to ensure that their purchases come from farmers who take nitrate pollution seriously.

Heavily soiled samples

Physicist harald gulzow, project manager at VSR water protection, and lennart hoster, a federal volunteer, found 155 milligrams of nitrate per liter in a privately used well in nainsdorf near adelsdorf, for example. Other wells heavily polluted with nitrates were found by the environmentalists in stolzenroth near pommersfelden with 64 milligrams per liter (mg/l), in willersdorf with 113 mg/l, in heroldsbach with 62 mg/l, and in steinbach with 106 mg/l.

Not suitable for fish ponds

At the information booth, according to the VSR, many well owners had shown that they were angry about these nitrate pollutions. The problem is that the water is not suitable for filling garden ponds. There is a danger that algae will multiply en masse. Dead plants could subsequently lead to fish kills. Even when watering in the garden, the polluted well water could lead to nitrate accumulation in the vegetables.

The environmentalists see an opportunity in organic farming and regional marketing, which puts food quality and environmentally contractual agriculture in the foreground. By buying consciously, customers can help reduce nitrate pollution in the forchheim region.


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