Coffins and stolen van discovered in poland

coffins and stolen van discovered in poland

One day later, the police found twelve coffins – but in a different place, in krolikow. "We assume that the bodies are in the coffins," said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office frankfurt (oder) in the evening. In the meantime the police has caught three suspects.

The contents had been scattered in a forest, police told the dpa news agency. "The most important thing is that we have found all twelve coffins," said the spokesman for the police in posen, andrzej borowiak, to the polish news channel TVN 24. The sarge is to be examined in forensic medicine in poses.

Then the long anxiety of the relatives of the dead could be over. The bodies were to be taken by car to a crematorium in meiben, saxony, for incineration. Whether for the identification of the corpses angehorige travel to poland, was not yet determined according to the prosecutor’s office. It was also unclear when the coffins would be returned to germany.

Police arrested another suspect in connection with the discovery of the body transporter. Investigators in posen had already caught two suspects in the crime, aged 25 and 27, at the weekend. Two other suspected accomplices are being sought.

With the corpse transporter were in the night of 15. October two more cars disappeared from hoppegarten near berlin. One of the vans was discovered shortly after the theft in poses. Police say there is no trace of the third vehicle so far.

According to initial findings, the twelve coffins were unharmed, polish media reported on tuesday, citing the police. A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in frankfurt (oder) told dpa that two german investigators were also in poses. However, they had originally traveled to the city, which lies between warsaw and berlin, for talks with their polish colleagues.

Because there had been a lack of communication between german and polish authorities. "The flow of information was not optimal," admitted brandenburg’s police chief arne feuring on the fringes of a meeting in frankfurt (oder) on tuesday. German investigators had only learned after a delay that the two suspects had been caught in poses over the weekend.


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