For 61 first graders a new time begins

"A person without education is like a mirror without a polish, as the old saying goes. Of course, there was no talk of such lofty, serious statements on what was probably six-year-old amelie’s most eventful day to date. But like all 61 first-class students who are now attending the lichtenfels dr.-robbach elementary school, she, too, was excited on that tuesday morning.

Curious, some abc scouts peeked into the contents of the school bag that gave each of them this special day. To ease the little ones’ fear of the limelight was also the background to the performances by the older schoolchildren in the gymnasium, where the school enrollment ceremony was officially held. "I’m a schoolchild, no longer small, already going to school on my own", the second graders, for example, gave the newcomers a warm welcome, and boys and girls from the fourth grade recited a poem whose stanzas told of science, math, painting, sports and all the other school subjects. "Today is your big day. Glad you’re here. You have an exciting and great time ahead of you", principal pia loffler buried the first class students.

Bumper stickers and a name for the autobahn church at the thuringer tor parking lot

bumper stickers and a name for the autobahn church at the thuringer tor parking lot

"Unity church… Church of unity… Church of peace…" And some more ideas were mentioned. In the end, it was decided to start a kind of competition and ask the people who visit the house of worship to suggest a name. " In addition a box is to be set up in the spring, in which suggestions can be thrown in.

There are 47 churches and chapels along germany’s highways. All of them are simply called autobahn church. "Why shouldn’t our church get a name there"?, it was quickly agreed. St. Christopher is the patron saint of motorists, so the church could be named after him, but the small church on the A71 is also a sign of unity and growing together as well as a place of remembrance. Now we hope this year for good suggestions from the churchgoers.

Kaltensondheim: willi wehr celebrated his 85th birthday. Birthday

Kaltensondheim: willi wehr celebrated his 85th birthday. Birthday

Willi wehr from kaltensondheim celebrated his 85th birthday on sunday. Birthday. The jubilarian was born on 16. February 1935 in kaltensondheim and made after school in the parental carpenter’s workshop his apprenticeship. 1964 he married gertrud michel from erlach, with whom he raised five children. In 1965 he passed his master’s examination and took over his father’s business, which he expanded from a one-man business to a modern equipped carpenter’s workshop with more than 20 employees. 2000 he handed over the business to son markus.

As early as 1975, he assumed responsibility in his guild as chairman of the apprentice committee and became its head master in the same year. 1979, the craftsmen’s association elected him district master craftsman. After relinquishing the office in 2008, he was appointed honorary district master of crafts. In 2012 he was awarded the federal cross of merit on ribbon.

A book for the whole county

A book for the whole county

The yearbook for the district of kitzingen "im bannkreis des schwanbergs" has been published for five years now with changing focal points in the J.H. Roll publishing house in dettelbach. After kitzingen, iphofen, volkach and marktbreit, this time the stories and history of prichsenstadt are the main content of the approximately 300-page work.
Volker bolesta joins the ranks of authors for the first time. The former elementary school teacher and educator has lived in prichsenstadt for 30 years now. "When I came here, I noticed the numerous inscriptions in the archways, but no one could tell me anything about their origin", he remembers.
With the town's permission, he began to read the archives and civil registers, researched the family histories of the individual properties and began to record the craft marks. He is fascinated by the old writings that date back to the 17th century. Handing back the century. "However, you have to read well to recognize the sentence structure and to be able to decipher the old manuscripts", he says not without pride.
In the meantime, as a volunteer archivist, he has his own key to the rooms with the antiquarian treasures and often buries himself there for many hours. He is interested in the lives of ordinary people, the little man in the village. Volker bolesta says about his motivation: "he who does not know his past cannot shape his future"."
In the course of his research, the archivist naturally also looked into one of prichsenstadt's best-known traditions, which still serves as a tourist attraction today, the night watchman. From the 17. The first service regulations for the night watchman, who was supposed to prevent nighttime alarms in the city and take suspected persons into custody, date back to the nineteenth century. This tradition is the subject of bolesta's interesting article in the county book.

Praise from the mayor

Van almsick gets kids into the pool

Almost two out of three ten-year-olds in germany cannot swim, according to a representative forsa survey. At sinnberg elementary school, the situation is even worse: more than 70 percent of the children are unable to swim: "we have so many non-swimmers in the third and fourth grades," she says, reports sports teacher christine steigmeier. The goal should be for every child to be able to swim by the time they leave school. "So we said, we have to do something already in the second grade", she says. The school is supported by the family hotel sonnenhugel in reiterswiesen and by ex-professional swimmer franziska van almsick.

The city’s indoor swimming pool is well utilized in the mornings. According to the city hall, eight schools from the city and the surrounding area use the pool for swimming lessons. Free capacities are only available on three weekdays between 1 and 2 p.M. So the school management looked for other swimming pools, approached clinics and hotels. After a long search with success: "the hotel sonnenhugel has agreed to give us swimming times and a swimming instructor", says steigmeier. Since january, ten children from the all-day class 2c have learned to stay afloat in the hotel pool. "Now it’s up to the parents to move on", she finds.

Psychologist gives courage to lebenshilfe employees

Christian N. Is very popular with the kids. At ten years, he has the second-longest service record in gerhardinger kindergarten. It comes from the workshops of lebenshilfe. His place of work is one of the 25 outsourced jobs of the lebenshilfe, through which quite a few find their way into the general labor market.
"The city had long hired him directly, but he lacks formal training as a child care worker", gerhard streit, the psychologist at lebenshilfe, explained the special nature of this job.
Dispute presented in front of the forum for people with disabilities "integra the model for the transition from sheltered workshops to the general labor market. Around 300 people with disabilities work in the lebenshilfe workshops. Two are in forchheim and two in weilersbach. Those of you who are interested in and confident about a regular job can gain access to the general workforce through internships. Because even a person with disabilities has the right to earn his own living, streit explained.

Piasten and siemens are hiring

25 people are currently making use of it: three of them will move to a normal employee position this year. One in the city's building yard, another as a warehouse clerk for an online company in the district. Dispute had more such places to grow into. Estimated are activities in the social and domestic sphere, through which professional staff can be relieved.
For example, the companies piasten and siemens also have jobs in the industrial sector. The job at the praline manufacturer is similar to the work in the workshops, where mainly assembly, disassembly and packaging work is carried out. They are gladly accepted.
The job at siemens also fits into this category, said streit. But it requires a very good eyesight. "I couldn't do it anymore", the mid-fifties man. So the number of suitable applicants remains small. Dispute of a young woman who liked this activity well. But she had to give it up again because of a long illness. The "changers are not left alone. You have godfathers in the companies. These are employees who "sometimes help them out", describes dispute it. In addition, the job coaches from lebenshilfe also drop in on them.
If possible, streit motivates young people at lebenshilfe when they have just finished vocational school. "Here, however, one must take into account the developmental delay in mentally handicapped people." And, in the case of the mentally ill, the fluctuations in their performance capacity.
The route via integra has special protective mechanisms for this – beyond work support. So a return to work in the workshops is possible at any time, or even just part-time employment on the open market.

There is a lot to do at the untersiemau school

The main target of the site visit of the committee for infrastructure, construction and environment (IBU) on tuesday was the elementary and middle school untersiemau. There is a lot to do there in the near future. Among other things, the primary school playground (upper courtyard) is to be renovated. On site, the commissioned architect dirk lorenzen explained the concept, which is still to be defined, according to the design plan. The preliminary planned costs are expected to be about 50000 euro. The members of the committee subsequently agreed in principle to the design in the town hall. The planning office is commissioned to obtain corresponding offers. The design of the open space should be alternatively in asphalt with optical division in natural stone or in paving construction about the prices of the "small strabenbaumabnahmen" to be carried out.

The designs have already been presented to representatives of the school administration, the parents’ council, the daycare center and the municipal administration, reported mayor rolf rosenbauer. The playground will be used during the morning breaks and after school by the lunchtime supervision team. The overall concept provides for exercise and play areas, rest zones and lounging areas. The civil engineering inspections are to take place during the summer vacations.

“Jutour” brings variety to schools

"Find your goal is the motto, and already nine arrows are whizzing and buzzing through the hollow gymnasium air, and before the spectator knows it, the arrows have found their target: they bore into it. And right in the middle of it.

Celina bitiqi, daniela bombeschko, jana tomaszek, isabella spatz, jennifer hahnlein and sandy-marie austin are trying their hand at archery for only the third time today – and hitting the targets they've set up in the gymnasium of their school, the hugo von trimberg school, like professionals.

Parzefalls have a giant crib in the living room

Where the parzefall family's sofa usually stands, a gigantic landscape of moss, stones, houses and figures has been erected. The entire living room is decorated every year from the first advent until maria lichtmess (2. February) converted into a 16 square meter crib. A special eye-catcher is a waterfall.

From year to year, it gets rougher and rougher
It all started more than 25 years ago with a simple plastic crib. Then father karl-heinz discovered his passion for designing and the crib landscape became more and more coarse. "The crib has secretly grown by a few centimeters year after year. My husband probably thought I wouldn't notice", laughs his wife ursula. That's why the space in the winter garden was soon no longer sufficient and the miniature landscape was moved into the living room. For ten years the nursery has now taken on about this ausmab. "It really doesn't get any rougher than this", the passionate crib maker admits with a look at the full living room.

Close to home, but also open to the world

Josef hofbauer despite his close ties to his home country, he has always been full of the urge to discover new things. He wanted to see something of the world. And he has. We are talking about reinhard lowisch, the deputy director of the france switzerland tourism center, who was appointed to the 1. August retires.

After school, he trained as a train driver. The man with the red armband was responsible for the safety and orderly operation of a train, from shunting to coupling the cars and setting the brakes on the train.