Paderborn organ connects generations

Paderborn organ connects generations

The instrument was built in 1859 by the paderborn organ builder august randebrock. Among others, wilhelm hey is named as an assistant on the organ, who, according to the old documents, "founded his own business in sondheim/rhon in 1874 after finishing his work as a foreman at randebrock". For the management team of the rhon organ building company, the order from paderborn has also brought the project full circle. In addition to the company headquarters in urspringen in der rhon, the company has operated a branch in paderborn since 2007. Actually at the birthplace of the rhon organ building, because exactly there the company founder wilhelm hey learned the organ building trade. In the meantime, the organ building family is in its sixth generation and more than 250 organ projects have come from the rhon workshop. In the past months, the professional restoration and reconstruction of the paderborn randebrock organ was on the agenda here.

The organ has mechanical slider chests with transverse shafts, frames and playing parts. Junior boss christian hey, who is committed to the "paderborn organ" project the fact that the company is jointly responsible for the construction of the organs points to the extensive use of high-quality woods. Oak wood was used for many parts of the organ, as well as very good spruce and fruit wood for the wooden pipes and action parts. The paderborn organ is a side-playing, purely mechanical organ. What was noticeable here was the lead abrasion on the historic metal pipes, the so-called "cancer on the organ metal", explains christian hey. Here was a lot to do, because the infested areas had to be cut off and readjusted with plumb material. The organ has 18 sounding stops with 1035 wooden and metal organ pipes.

Woman trapped in car: serious accident in schweinfurt district

In a serious accident on sunday afternoon, a 78-year-old woman was trapped in her car. According to the police, she suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries. The total damage caused in the accident is estimated at around 11,500 euros.

Around 4 p.M., the 78-year-old driver of an opel adam was driving down hambacher hauptstrabe in the direction of pfandhausen. For reasons that are not yet clear, the car left the road to the right at the height of house number 62.

Bookstore flea market enthusiastic visitors

The visitors were delighted by the wide range of books on offer, sorted by subject, and the rich selection of homemade cakes and pies. The bookshop team was once again pleased with a considerable total profit, which will be used to purchase new books and media for the bookshop, according to a press release.

The next flea market will take place again during the city festival in july 2020. Donations of books or other media such as cds etc. Are welcome. During the opening hours of the bookstore from the team gladly accepted. The bookstore is always open on mondays, wednesdays and fridays between 15 and 15 pm.30 and 17 o’clock.

Bad kissingen old town redevelopment: skepticism and opportunity

Thomas fries is one of about 190 homeowners affected by the upcoming sewer renovation in the old town. The 60-year-old master carpenter owns several properties in weingasse – the block of houses, so to speak, starting with the OPC store at the corner of bachstrabe and ending with the courtyard entrance in front of the commerzbank building. He has already put a lot of money and work into the four houses over the past few years – after auben, they all look presentable and clean again. "You have to look after the houses to maintain their value", he thinks.

He is particularly taken with the property at weingasse 8. Downstairs, he has been running his own restaurant, tommy’s braterei, for a good two years now. He rents out apartments on the upper floors, one of which he occupies himself. The plastered half-timbered building is completely listed and, according to fries, was built at the end of the 17th century. The canal was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. "I find the house already. It has already survived several wars", he says.

Westheim fire department only had to go out on 19 calls

Westheim fire department only had to go out on 19 calls

The focus of the members’ meeting at the fire department in the biebelried district of westheim was on honoring deserving firefighters.

District administrator robert finster as speaker lamented a trend toward desolidarization with regard to the increasing number of hostilities against helpers in action. Fewer and fewer people are willing to stand up for others. The exception is the local fire departments, which promise with their honorary office to work for the safety of others.

Knife discovered in backpack

Knife discovered in backpack

Kirchehrenbach – the CSU kirchehrenbach invited people to visit nurnberg airport as part of the community vacation program. 25 participants set off for nurnberg, where they were already awaited at the airport for a security check.
Already the entrance control, like boarding an airplane, fascinated the children and young people. A forgotten pocket knife in the backpack gave one young man a queasy feeling when it was discovered by the scanner.
During the one-hour tour of the airport by bus, the children and young people learned about the albrecht durer airport with many background details. From checking in and loading the planes, looking into the rough hangars and repair halls, to watching take-offs and landings directly on the tarmac and a direct ride on the runway, everything was on offer.
Further on to the airport fire department. Here, after a brief safety explanation, a guided tour showed the entire bandwidth that the fire department has to cover at the airport. The highlight was the inspection of the vehicles, which was interrupted by an actual operation – it was suddenly necessary to send out an ambulance. Also the demonstration with a coarse airport lorry impressed by the enormous water jet.
After a joint snack, the group returned home with many new impressions and information. The many inquiries of the participants showed the interest in the offered program. Next year, the CSU will once again be offering a vacation program.


Party note: district spd supports district administrator

At a joint meeting of the district association and the district parliamentary group of the SPD in the district of kitzingen, district administrator tamara bischof was on hand to answer questions. District chairman heinz galuschka and parliamentary group chairman robert finster had invited the district administrator to an exchange of ideas in order to sound out possible further support, as it says in a communication of the SPD.

For the district association and the district parliamentary group, tamara bischof has been in office for 18 years, is a professional and not a bit shy about office. She had proved this in a 40-minute free speech, in which she took a stand on the most important topics in the district: schools, education, social affairs, families, the environment, climate and energy, the public transport system and the main loop railroad.

Allianz and munich re exchange greek bonds

Allianz and munich re exchange greek bonds

Allianz CEO michael diekmann said the debt restructuring was an important step toward solving greece’s economic problems and stabilizing the eurozone, "from which both our customers and we as investors will benefit equally."

With this step, the private creditors waive 53.5 percent of the nominal value of their greek government bonds and receive new securities with maturities of up to 20 years for the remaining amount. Part of it is guaranteed by the european bailout fund EFSF.

Riots hurt hong kong’s economy

Riots hurt hong Kong's economy

Hong kong demonstrations hurt economy of chinese special administrative region. "The ongoing unrest has had a traceable impact on the overall confidence of business people in hong kong," the chief representative of the german chamber of industry and commerce (gmbh) in hong kong, wolfgang niedermark, told dpa.

He pointed to the latest downgrade of the asian economic and financial center’s creditworthiness by international rating agencies fitch and moody’s, which also gave a "negative" outlook for hong kong.

Restaurant “dornroschen” in schonsreuth rebuffs with request

"The patience thread is already very tense", building committee member frank rubner gave on wednesday to consider. Once again, a building application around the restaurant "dornroschen" was topic of the building and environment committee, which met in its new composition for the first time. The building application for a new toilet facility in the eaves area as well as a 900-square-meter, completely asphalted parking lot was rejected, just as a current sale of the adjacent city-owned land to the builder was denied.

Instead, there were various requirements for the developer. The topic had already occupied not only the town of lichtenfels, but also the district office and the entire village of schonsreuth: in 2016, permission was granted for the conversion and expansion of an existing residential building into a guesthouse with an outdoor bar area of around 30 square meters. One requirement was also to preserve the neighboring biotope.