German industry continues to weaken

German industry continues to weaken

It was the second decline in a row. In a year-on-year comparison, it was even the ninth decline in a row. Bank economists explained the slowdown as being due, among other things, to the weak global economy and international trade conflicts.

Compared with the same month last year, production fell by 4.2 percent. Because production has already been falling for three quarters of a year in this view, numerous analysts are talking about an industrial recession.

Suspicious video: grafenberg resident thomas muller leaves the csu

Ekkehard roepert grafenberg- thomas muller has resigned from the CSU local chairmanship with immediate effect – and will also leave the party. As reported, muller was caught in the crossfire of criticism in february: facebook posts by the local CSU chairman from grafenberg suggested that he had taken part in incitement against democracy. Muller then apologized and distanced himself from the posts.

But over the weekend, muller’s CSU career in grafenberg came to an abrupt end. A video recording became an embarrassment to him. The video from november 2018 shows thomas muller in the circle of a group singing the song "auf kreta im sturm und im regen" (on crete in the storm and in the rain) sings. At the end of the song there is an unknown person showing the hitler-grub.

Everything around easter

Everything around easter

On 31. March, the abtenberghalle in rattelsdorf is once again transformed into a mecca for all creative people. Whether you are a fan of handicrafts and would like to get some ideas or would prefer to buy directly for the garden, home and well-being – everyone will find something here.

Just in time for easter, over 100 exhibitors will be showing springtime ideas from 10 a.M. To 5 p.M. In front of and inside the abtenberghalle at the easter hobby, artists’ and ideas market. New products include bags made of knitted felt, upcycling products, hemp bags and hemp bedding, sicilian delicacies such as olivenol, air-dried salami, nuts, parmesan, etc., shabby decorations, brand paintings, sewn cloth, metal figures, wood and wire ornaments, soap and bath chocolates, decorations made from coffee capsules, babyborn sets, handicrafts made from paper, edible, dried blood as well as salt and spice mixtures, and much more.

Space available for people in need of care increases

The worrying news first: germans are getting fewer and fewer, but older and older. The proportion of senior citizens is also increasing in forchheim. In its population projection, the bavarian state office for statistics has predicted an increase of around 40 percent in the proportion of people over 75 in the district of forchheim by 2035. The good news: forchheim is well positioned in terms of the number of day care places on offer. The BRK’s planned day-care facility in the new katharinenspital will contribute to this once again. The rental contract was signed by mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) and BRK district chairman franz josef kraus as well as BRK district manager dr. Birgit kastura signed.
This means that the day care center at katharinenspital, which will open in early 2019, is secure for the next 30 years. The BRK is an efficient partner, emphasized mayor kirschstein at the signing of the contract. Franz josef kraus thanked the red cross for the trust it had placed in him. BRK district manager birgit kastura praised the constructive cooperation during planning with city chamberlain detlef winkler and sigrun wagner, head of the building department. The day care facility, which will be located on the first floor of the wing on bamberger strabe, will offer 18 places on 310 square meters of floor space. "With the catharine hospital, the need for day care is well covered", the BRK district manager noted.
Open to all
birgit kastura emphasized that the day care center is open not only to residents of the catharine hospital but to all burghers. "The house is filled with life", explained the BRK district manager, also with a view to the planned district manager and the district meeting place. The idea is to be there for the whole neighborhood, old and young people". In addition to operating the day care center, the BRK is also present as a neutral provider of outpatient care services and offers meals from its own kitchen – housekeeping services can also be booked, the district manager emphasized. However, the residents are free to decide whether and from which provider they want to use such a service.
Many reservations
the head of the building department, sigrun wagner, reported that the new building of the catharine hospital was progressing according to plan and that the cost calculation was also in the green range. The goal is to have the apartments ready for occupancy at the beginning of next year. 40 of the 55 apartments available for rent have already been reserved, sigrun wagner reported. The apartments that are still available are mainly one-room apartments with 33 square meters, some of which are wheelchair-accessible, and three-room apartments with a size of 65 to 76 square meters.
Proud to rent
according to detlef winkler, the rent per square meter ranges from 9.96 euros to 14.84 euros, plus operating costs. "The rent level is due to the investment costs", winkler justified the prices, which are not affordable for everyone. He referred, however, in this connection to a city council decision, according to which also the recipients of a basic security had a chance to get a place to live in the catharine hospital. With the appropriate evidence will be "in individual cases" rent subsidized.


Donations for the animal shelter instead of animal suffering due to new year’s fireworks

The odp coburg-kronach collects donations for the coburg animal shelter until new year’s eve with the campaign "futter statt boller" (food instead of boller).

Members of the odp from coburg city and county provided information on the topic of new year’s eve fireworks at the marketplace in coburg and collected donations for a good cause, the party reports.

Source of “prism” revelations comes out of the shadows

A 29-year-old technician is the source of the latest revelations about the u.S. Intelligence agency’s massive collection of data from american internet services. He stepped out of the shadows on sunday evening with an interview with the british newspaper "guardian. According to his own statements, the young man named edward snowden has spent the past four years working for the US intelligence agency NSA as an employee of other companies. "They have no idea what’s possible," he said of the spying capabilities of the nsa’s systems.

According to the documents revealed by snowden, the u.S. Secret service is collecting data in a crude style from internet services such as google, facebook, microsoft, apple and yahoo. "I don’t want to live in a society that does this," snowden told the guardian. "I don’t want to live in a world where everything i do and say is recorded."

The active citizens honor their foundation members

The active burgers of forchheim held their christmas party in the rooms of the red cross forchheim, where they also celebrated the end of their anniversary year, the 25th anniversary of the association.

The spokesman of the leadership team, helmut erhardt, buried more than 70 members and led through the two-hour program, which was arranged by some groups of the association.

Advent market in bamberger sand even offered a spring bloom

Advent market in bamberger sand even offered a spring bloom

Small but nice was the advent market in the sand in the shadow of the st.-elisabeth church as a mute reminder not to lose sight of the real meaning of the christmas season. At least the many children, who watched the relaxed hustle and bustle with shining eyes, may be expecting the christ child. Also the adults, who buried the first advent in the eve mass with pastor hans lyer.

When the blacksmith hammers on the anvil

Immediately in front of the church portal a blacksmith hammers on the anvil. Sparks came out of the fire basket and lit up the crowd in front of the mulled wine stall.

Coffins and stolen van discovered in poland

coffins and stolen van discovered in poland

One day later, the police found twelve coffins – but in a different place, in krolikow. "We assume that the bodies are in the coffins," said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office frankfurt (oder) in the evening. In the meantime the police has caught three suspects.

The contents had been scattered in a forest, police told the dpa news agency. "The most important thing is that we have found all twelve coffins," said the spokesman for the police in posen, andrzej borowiak, to the polish news channel TVN 24. The sarge is to be examined in forensic medicine in poses.

Together with courage and trust

Together with courage and trust

The goal was not to reach the top, but to set and reach a goal together. We are talking about the couples’ day in the high ropes course on the volkersberg. For one day, couples who have been together for a long time had the opportunity to get involved with each other in a completely new way. Once a year, the lernwerk volkersberg offers couples such a day in the high ropes course, where they have the opportunity to experience their partnership anew and to gain new strength for everyday life and their common path.

Under the guidance of experienced high ropes course trainers and padagogues, the focus was on trust, one’s own limits and those of one’s partner – and on a whole host of new experiences and lessons. "Thank you for holding me!", was the motto of the day that began for the four couples with the "flying fox" began. Here it was a matter of joint safeguarding, courage and trust, and of agreement. "We attach a lot of importance to the fact that the couples get to talk to each other," explained jens freimann, emphasized high ropes course trainer christina ziegler, who was in charge of the day together with social and experiential pathologist matthias lange.