Record sales for action game “gta v”

The new edition of the action game, in which the player slips back into the role of a gangster, went on sale on monday for the game consoles playstation 3 and xbox 360.

Not only for take-two, but also for the game industry, "GTA V" marks a record high. Most recently, the latest installment of the first-person shooter "call of duty," one of activision’s most popular titles, grossed 500 million dollars on its first day in stores. By way of comparison: "avatar", the most successful hollywood film to date, which was released in 2009 as a spectacular 3D flick, grossed a billion dollars – albeit in 17 days.

Willi, penny and co. Do everything right

Willi, penny and co. Do everything right

All have passed – that is the pleasing result of a companion dog test, which members of the "treffpunkt hund michelau" underwent with their four-legged friends on saturday underwent with their four-legged friends. The companion dog test and the associated training is an important basic training. Among other things, the focus is on obedience and behavior in public. The test consists of four parts, each of which must be passed separately.

Dogs must be vaccinated

For the admission to the exam there are some admission requirements. The dog must be at least 15 months old and be clearly identifiable by tattoo or chip. Furthermore, the dog must be vaccinated and the dog owner should have liability insurance. Before the test begins, the dog owner must take a knowledge test with multiple-choice questions to show that he or she has mastered the necessary basics.

Dispute over well water test

Dispute over well water test

The association for the protection of the rhine and its tributaries (VSR) was founded on 9. September with an information booth in forchheim. According to their own press release, environmentalists had told some burgers that their well water contained too much nitrate. In total, the water from 76 privately used wells from the area of forchheim – hallerndorf – eggolsheim was analyzed. Every sixth well owner has been told that their sample exceeds the german drinking water ordinance limit of 50 milligrams.

Environmentalists see the reason for this in intensive agriculture. "The previous dung ordinances allowed the agricultural industry to grow and to overrun its agricultural land at the expense of the environment", claims susanne bareib-gulzow, chairwoman of VSR water protection. The environmental contract form of agriculture, to which many farms paid, disappeared against it more and more.

“Punishment” is a bestseller

it seems to make no difference in which literary form the german writer ferdinand von schirach (54) puts his legal and philosophical thoughts down on paper: they become bestsellers! Based on the novels "the collini case (2011) and "taboo (2013), his essay volume "the became untouchable", the theater stucco "terror (2015) or his outstanding philosophical dispute with alexander kluge "the cordiality of reason" (2017), finally came back to "crime" (2009) and "blame (2010) a third volume of short stories "punishment" – out. Easy to read in a few hours, these twelve payments, despite all their shortness, have in their touching profundity more expressiveness than many a thick novel.
In short sentences, without a single ornamental word too many, it's all about "punishment" around the question of what is truth. And schirach is concerned with the personality formation of his so different characters. But the stories are really about ourselves: how we became who we are? There is also in "penalty no good or bad people. Often, the alleged perpetrators are more likely to be victims due to their fate.
It is precisely these philosophical thoughts about the lives of his protagonists, who are nevertheless so normal and human, that distinguish schirach's books from the works of other authors. One spurts in his payments, how the jurist never condemns his characters for their actions up to murder and manslaughter, but feels with them, can at least understand their actions. In these twelve stories he tells of loneliness and strangeness, of striving for that little piece of happiness. Lovers of good literature should not miss this volume of stories.


From grandma’s cupboard

From grandma's cupboard

As with "kunst und krempel" (arts and crafts) or "cash for rares many wermerichshauser had contributed beautiful and original things to the exhibition by bringing treasures they had inherited from their showcases elisabeth lenhard for the exhibition "schones aus omas geschirrschrank" (2011) and the presentation of the piece at the spring festival.

Special theme

The 2. The chairwoman of the wermerichshausen fruit and horticulture association comes up with a special theme for each spring festival, which is held every two years and at which the villagers are also exhibitors.

In theisenort and oberlangenstadt, the next steps will be taken to pave the way

As part of the village renewal of theisenort, the two local roads "gypsmuhlstrabe" are to be redesigned and "krebsbachstrabe by the market kups fundamentally renewed. This also concerns the underground network of sewers and drinking water pipes as well as the existing rainwater sewers.

This project has a total cost volume of two million euros, with a 90 percent requirement of 1.7 million euros from the state of bavaria. The market kups will be left with an own contribution of around 250,000 euros for both roads. The call for tenders for the tree inspections is issued by the office for rural development in bamberg.

The week: rainy flirt-factor

The week: rainy flirt-factor

What a prediction: first thunderstorm. Possibly also unwetter. Then it did not stop raining for three days.

So similar as predicted by the weather forecast came then also. It was felt once again autumn, the father’s day of all things went down. Instead of humid and joyful rather humid and joyful. The visit to the wine festival in nordheim had to be cancelled, as did a trip to the wurzburger weindorf, where this year’s motto "flirting with wine" led to the assumption that the event could have been sponsored by a singles agency.

8.6 Billion since 1990 for urban development in the east – seehofer pledges demand “at a high level

The federal government has supported urban development in eastern germany with almost 8.6 billion euros since reunification. At the opening of the nationwide urban development day in leipzig on saturday, federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) said the demand would continue "at a high level" to.

Germany is running out of sand – building will become more expensive?

Trump promises palastinians their own state

Trump promises palastinians their own state

In his middle east plan, U.S. President donald trump holds out the prospect of a state of their own for the palastinians – but with considerable concessions.

The plan should lead to a "realistic two-state solution" for israel and the palastinians, trump said tuesday during a joint appearance with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the weiben house. Netanyahu said to trump: "their deal of the century is the opportunity of the century. Rest assured that israel will not miss this opportunity." The plan was published after months of delay.