Teuschnitzer achieve the triple

Teuschnitzer achieve the triple

"You rats beware – now come the watchers of the night!" After 2017 and 2018 – then with "trolls resort as well as "aida fun" – the jesters around their trainer anja fleischmann secured the upper franconian championship with their latest theme for the third time in a row. The gauditurnier der mannerballette 2019 was hosted by the carnival society narhalla rot-weib marktredwitz on saturday after the carnival season in the local town hall.

The tournament was held for the 20th time this year. The first time and thus, after the narhalla once hosted the very first tournament, returned to its roots. An expert jury evaluated the performances of the eight participating groups in terms of theme and creativity, costume, execution, variety of movement, music and entertainment value.

Away from the christmas rush

away from the christmas rush

Advent concerts – not again, it’s always the same. Some will say in the pre-christmas rush. Somehow that may be so. The brass band of markt burkardroth and the burkardroth choir proved that there is another way on sunday afternoon in the burkardroth "st" parish church. Peter in chains. The listeners were surprised how they could slow down and get ready for the festive season thanks to an unusual program. The organizers succeeded in giving a concert that was not an everyday occurrence, and the audience in the parish church, which was filled to capacity, was enthusiastic right from the start.

Already the introduction with the bombastic work "ukrainian bell carol" by the blaservereinigung markt burkardroth, under the musical direction of manuela moller, was a bang to get out of the hectic christmas time. Impressive was also the interpretation of "comfort ye my people" and "every valley" from "the messiah by georg friedrich handel. Voluminous and soulfully intoned manuela moller succeeded in a wonderful interpretation, which impressed.

A madness called rockabilly

A madness called rockabilly

For a long time now, five smart guys from los angeles have been catapulting the music pub "horst" in eltmann into the stratosphere of rockabilly madness and became the announced "rock 'n' roll bombardment" more than just.

The record label "wild records" from the u.S. Brought out the wild known "delta bombers" as well as the frontsanger lou ferns alias slim from "the desperados have been a household name for many fans for years with their so-called wild desperate-rock-'n'-roll, a mixture of 50s rock, blues and rockabilly elements.
The beginning in eltmann was made by slim with his songs "let's get wild" and "let's have some fun. He even had a surprise in store in between.

Art and culture hold court here

While some seek the proximity of the metropolises, others turn to rural regions to give art and culture a new home there. Among them are ismail mukadam and henrik stein. The entrepreneur and the banker, who both live in frankfurt, have found a new home in hafenpreppach castle, and they plan to awaken the baroque castle from its dormant state with concerts and cultural events.

The castle dates back to the 16th century. Century and is situated on a hill surrounded by a castle garden and a park. "The castle was not a ruin. It was ready to move into and had wonderful potential for expansion, so we decided to buy it," he says, tells henrik stone. That was three years ago when he and ismail mukadam discovered the baroque castle in hafenpreppach and decided to buy it.

Pretzfeld’s cherry festival is a feast for enthusiasts

"Again a mol is drom da ranga ogstochn", which means that on friday at 6 pm the first mayor rose, strongly assisted by simon friedrich, commercial manager of the brewery rittmayer, tapped the first barrel of kirschenfest beer with four athletic klupfel-beats.

Three thunderous shots from the community cannon were fired by gunner rudolf wild to mark this ceremonial act. Many festival visitors watched the start of the festival in the warm summer evening under the tall pine trees.

The home play has its own marian song

The home play has its own Marian song

The women parade across the anger in the homecoming play and sing the marian hymn "you with the child" with great fervor. The little pious song has become a munnerstadt marian song over the decades. The play was not originally written for the festival.
According to bruno eckert, the play was written by the author of the heimatspiel, pastor ludwig nudling, for the folk play "the kiliani frankenfahrt". This play was performed in wurzburg in 1926 and has largely fallen into oblivion today. The music, however, is probably not from nudling. She is attributed to a wurzburg canon. His name is unknown; that’s what it says in the little book "historisches volksschauspiele in franken" from H.-rudolf becher. Even bruno eckert can’t say more about the origin of the piece. Although the history of the home game is well documented, "we are missing details", according to the chairman.
Rudolf becher wrote in his publication that "nudling’s image of the virgin mary is based on typical french marian devotion". His marian song, written for the wurzburg festival, was therefore probably a good fit for the home play, in which the veneration of mary plays a central role.
On sunday, for the premiere of the 2013 home game, the song was sung again. His text is a bit familiar in today’s time, but this does not change the popularity of the piece in munnerstadt. The chairman of the heimatspiel community, bruno eckert, is convinced that the mary’s song is more than just a part of the heimatspiel text for many of the performers. "The song has something", feels it bruno eckert. When the song is sung in the play, he senses the emotion among the performers.There are two songs that make him feel tingly: "silent night in the night" and "you with the child".
The mary song at the heimatspiel is probably a song limited to munnerstadt until today. Bruno eckert once heard a fatima pilgrim from the dettelbach area during a television report about the sounds he was familiar with. Dettelbach parish administrator father richard hebdorfer, however, does not know the piece, but does not exclude that it is sung by individual pilgrim groups.
Regional cantor peter rottmann assumes that the mary song is sung especially in munnerstadt. If it is heard elsewhere, then it is certainly a munnerstadt export, according to rottmann.
In munnerstadt the mary song is not only at the home play to hear. It is also sung at the swedish procession, at mary’s birth service or at weddings and funerals of members of the heimatspiel congregation.
While the 400 or so spectators at the anger were completely under the spell of the heimatspiel, the rest of the city was in a carefree market mood. As has been the case for years, the schutzengelmarkt was not only a pleasant place to shop, but also a pleasant place to stop for a bite to eat, for example in the newly-opened "schutzengelmarkt" the integrative old town cafe (formerly cafe bach) or at the numerous club festivals. For many years, associations from munnerstadt, such as the small animal breeders, the turmerverein, the red cross or the rhonklub, have used this market and home game sunday to hold a festival. The guests thank them with numerous appearances.


Rough task for small sangers

rough task for small sangers

The children of the children's and youth choir of st. John is motivated to the hilt. In the rehearsal room in ritterstrabe, all 15 choir members gathered for one of the last choir rehearsals with cantor christian stegmann. They will practice particularly tricky passages of the three sacred songs they will perform at the concert for solo, choir and orchestra for memorial day on sunday, 18 sunday. November, at 5 p.M. In the parish church of st. Johannes will sing.

"The three sacred songs by felix mendelssohn-bartholdy are actually written as soli for altists", tells stegmann. Before the summer vacations, he tried out with his children's choir whether his young singers could meet the challenge. And they can. Enthusiastically, stegman tells us that the choir has even taken on all three songs and will interpret them.

Coburg listeners cheer in st. Moriz united chore

Coburg listeners cheer in st. Moriz united chore

A lot of daring and in the end a lot of applause – this is the short summary of the program presented by the concert choir coburg in the moriz church. Mozart, bruckner and rutter, as a stylistically colorful triad of composers, mark a musical journey through two centuries.

Cooperation with the "vocalensemble des gymnasiums alexandrinum"
With united vocal forces, the concert in st. Moriz and the day before in the markgrafenkirche seibelsdorf prove it, even ambitious projects can be realized. According to this motto, marius popp, as director of the concert choir, has for years repeatedly relied on collaborations with other vocal ensembles.

Tribute band “light my fire” looked longingly back to the time of the “doors

Longing is what drives people, and it is often connected with memories of the past. Not only the musicians of the “doors” look like this-tribute band “light my fire longing for the time when the “doors” were the most famous band in the world celebrated with their psychedelic rock successes. Also the visitors of their concert at the cultural office habfurt live in the fully occupied town hall at the weekend felt this longing and were happy about the impressive interpretations of sanger gerry james and his colleagues.

Especially because gerry james comes very close to his idol jim morrison. His haunting voice, his distinct feeling for the music of the "doors and its never-ending power "floated" over the music. "The music, these are thomas wenzel on the singing, crying or rocking guitar, schorsch pavicic on the pulsating bass, tuncay tercanli on the beat hammering drums and the brilliant mad bob on the organ with floating sounds and breathtaking soli. Together they embody the "great music" the doors, to which the fans were only too happy to dance and have a good time to the rhythm of the 1960s. For this concert was driving, offered rock’n’roll to the bone and really heated up the fans.

“Energy and poetry”: musician trio with charisma

It is not easy to be an organizer. The coordinator of the kissinger summer, thomas lutz, also had to find this out. Peter did not mean well with the event "energy and poetry" in the enchanting ambience of the hammelburg castle garden. Confident that the weather will hold on sunday morning, the concert of the trio macchiato from hamburg "open air" took place instead of. As a precaution, rain capes were handed out to the small number of visitors, and that was a good thing. But peter kept sending sprinkles during the two-hour event. The audience took it easy and still enjoyed hammelburg wine and the music, because the trio macchiato proved to be a real treat. With an interesting cast, exciting music between gypsy folklore, italian canzone, tango argentino and slavic influences, their melodies resembled a musical round trip along the countries around the mediterranean sea. Trio macchiato, that is: jana mishenina (violin, vocals), jakob neubauer (button accordion, vocals), henry altmann (double bass, percussion).

In a harbor by the sea

Expressive in their interpretations, they made you feel as if you were sitting in a cafe somewhere in a harbor by the sea. They interpreted well-known melodies such as the famous italian hit "azzurro" not in the style of adriano celentano, but in their own adaptation, reminiscent of "yiddish" poetry music reminded. In between, they recited poetic poems or told exciting stories that led from one piece to the next. Expressive, but also sensitive or melancholic, in between also fast and lively, their melodies sounded, which had to touch you in the soul as a listener. One had to listen carefully to which well-known melody they had just reinvented. The nursery rhyme "spannenlanger hansel" was like that only for a skilled listener recognizable. Impressive also jana mishenina, who is not only an excellent violinist, but also a very good singer and can enchant with her old voice. Perfect, homogeneous interplay distinguishes the musicians, but also the human charisma that characterized the three of them. It is understandable that they are a welcome guest at renowned festivals. They spread light and sun with their performance, so that the rain-covered sky no longer storte. Virtuoso music full of energy and exciting chats full of poetry, that also pleased the audience, who thanked the trio with much applause for an entertaining morning.