Fit in the Steigerwald

Fit in the steigerwald

Music sounds from a small box: dynamic rhythms, fast beats. Four different colored iso mats lie next to each other. The ladies’ sportswear is also colorful. At a rough distance from each other, the course participants hold a forearm. They look concentrated, the strain is written all over their faces – but they all hold out. Lara benkert’s instructions are clear: "tuck in your belly. Keeping tension. Five, four, three, two, one, and down." The instructor offers bodyfit today: strength exercises that also burn fat reserves – quite classic, actually. What is unusual, however, is the location of the training session at the "stabile" health center in trossenfurt taking place today: in the parking lot behind the building.

Bavaria loosens spat

On a treasure hunt in the eltmanner wuhlkiste

Franz richl from furnbach comes to the wuhlkiste in eltmann twice a month. Not just because it's on his shopping route. "Here one finds again and again qualitatsvolle things", says the 73-year-old. This time he has had special luck: he has stumbled upon a collection of art prints. "They just came in today", says saleswoman karin grunewald. Franz richl does not take long: "such things are relatively rare to find." Two of the pictures he wants to hang up at home.

Better than throwing away
He thinks it is good that there is the wuhlkiste. "It's better than throwing things on the garbage heap. Someone else might be able to do something with it." This is also good for people who have to look a little more at the money, he says. This also corresponds to the basic idea behind the wuhlkiste: "everyone has household goods that are no longer needed but are too good to throw away", says wolfgang aull from the waste management department of the habberge district. "It makes you feel good when things are passed on to someone who is happy to receive them."

The district of bamberg after the european elections: the black shimmers greenly

The district of bamberg after the european elections: the black shimmers greenly

66.21 percent for the CSU! The party was happy to transfer the result from the stronghold of wattendorf to the entire district. But even with 45.26 percent, the black party remains by far the strongest force. However, the CSU lost 4.8 percent in the 2014 european elections and as much as seven percent in the 2009 elections. But what party members need to talk about most is the new second force in the district: the greens.

CSU and the green issues

"Young is grun, the CSU is old: that’s what we don’t want!", holger dremel, the CSU deputy for bamberg-land in the maximilianeum, warns with a view to the electoral spectrum. Although he is very satisfied with the result of his CSU. But it is important to communicate more strongly that the state government is already doing a great deal on issues such as climate protection. "It’s important to see that climate policy plays a strong role, especially among young people", says wolfgang mohrlein, CSU faction spokesman in the district council. This is where the CSU has to start.

Health insurance survey: only one in ten lives an all-round healthy lifestyle

Health insurance survey: only one in ten lives an all-round healthy lifestyle

Almost half of the respondents (46 percent) do not even meet the minimum recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. The most sedentary are the 18 to 29 year olds. They increasingly spend their free time on the computer in social networks.

Compared to the first survey in 2010, germans live a less healthy life. Two years ago, 14 percent of the interviewees scored with a sensible lifestyle, now it is only eleven percent. For the representative study by the private insurance company, the university asked around 3,000 people in march and april about their daily lives: how much they exercise, what they eat, how stressed they feel and how they deal with alcohol and cigarettes. The interviewers calculated their health statistics from this self-reported information.