Canoeists and anglers quarrel about the wiesent

Canoeists and anglers quarrel about the wiesent

Anglers and boat rental companies on the wiesent currently have one thing in common: they are dissatisfied. So dissatisfied, in fact, that three boat rental companies and three fishing licensees have filed lawsuits against the new legal requirements from the district office. Now something is happening in the legal dispute between boat rental companies and fishing enthusiasts. Reinhard goller of the district office confirms that the two camps are currently working on a compromise in good faith proceedings at the behest of the administrative court in bayreuth. The district office mediates.

Compared to last year, since may only a maximum of 120 boats per day are allowed to paddle across the meadow. Last year, twice as many were allowed. The new navigation regulations go too far for boat rental companies. "It is like in a restaurant with 100 seats, in which you are allowed to entertain only 50 guests from one day to the next", describes martin maier, managing director of the canoe and leisure specialist "aktiv reisen in muggendorf, the situation. There are a total of three commercial boat rental companies in the county. The companies divide up the permitted boat contingent among themselves. "I'm allowed 60 boats a day between 9 a.M. And 5 p.M.", says maier, who has been renting canoes in muggendorf since 1993. "When we started," says, the 46-year-old continues, "very little was regulated." Since then, at intervals of a few years, there have been "constant" changes new rules.

The district office defends its decision. "Out of consideration for the fish fauna we have halved the number of boats", stresses andreas niedling from the forchheim landscape conservation association, which looks after the wiesent on behalf of the bavarian nature conservation fund and the european union at the district administration office. The district authority must pay attention to the protection of nature and species on the wiesent river. After all, the entire wiesent valley is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. The landratsamt is quasi legally obligated to protect fish, birds and plants at and in the meadows. "It is difficult to judge whether the halving of the boats is sufficient. It is an attempt to relax the situation on the wiesent", stresses andreas niedling.

Canoeist as sundeck

Martin Maier, on the other hand, feels he and his industry have been unfairly pilloried. "We can most easily be labeled as a scapegoat", says maier. Christian baier agrees with the boat rental companies on this point. "There are many factors that have a negative impact on the wiesent," he says, says the water rights officer at the district office. One problem for biodiversity, for example, are the numerous hydroelectric power plants that reduce the flow velocity of the river wiesent. As a result, the river silts up and fish species find fewer opportunities to spawn.

Martin maier is concerned that boat rental companies – which do not have a business in the district – hardly have to worry about the stricter regulations. And here the recreational entrepreneur is even proven right by a high-ranking fishing representative. "The foreign boat renters come with their own boat trailers and even bring their own bread and butter. We don't have anything from them – but the mull", finds andreas bugl, who is not only second chairman of the french switzerland fishing association, but also hotelier in muggendorf.

Problem is "wild canoes

"I'm right in the middle of the interests", says bugl. "I like the boaters as much as the fly fishermen."
After all, he is wooing recreation seekers with both recreational offers. "The main problem is not the local boat rental companies, but the wild canoeists", he finds. Therefore bugl proposes to introduce a fee for boating on the meadow, which all paddlers would have to pay. Whoever casts a fishing line in his fishing water on the wiesent, must eventually also buy a day ticket.

"With the income, the infrastructure for canoeists could be improved to reduce the damage to the fish spawning grounds", he finds. Probably a "nature park ranger" could also do this to be hired by the money, the "wild paddler" reminded of the rules with bubgeldern. "We should all pull together to make nature better again", says bugl and hopes for pragmatic and quick solutions.

Developing infrastructure in a sensible way

Martin Maier can also come to terms with this idea. "My approach would have been to expand the infrastructure in a sensible manner and also to improve the entrances and exits." Of course, he would also like to be able to have his 60 boats sail more flexibly across the meadows. After all, it's not every day that the customers flock to his boat rental shop.


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