Bridge over the Schwarzach to be renovated

Bridge over the schwarzach to be renovated

The dilapidated bridge in munsterschwarzach, which runs parallel to the district road bridge over the schwarzach brook, is expected to be demolished next year and replaced by a new bridge structure. In their meeting on tuesday, the members of the market town council of schwarzach initiated a new construction of the bridge with several resolutions.

Because the steel reinforcement of the old bridge has rusted, the engineering firm gluckert (TIG) looked for possible solutions. Several variants were presented by TIG employee carsten mohr at the meeting. The new bridge is to be built after the old structure is demolished, following the example of the fubganger bridge on the land of the state garden show in kitzingen, according to the council's decision. Josef wachter and armin weckert (both CSU) voted against this proposal. The council wants to decide later on certain details such as handrails and flooring.

The committee then unanimously decided to erect the bridge structure as a three-span bridge on the existing concrete supports. The existing pillars are to be extensively renovated. During the construction phase, the supply lines that cross the creek at the bottom of the old bridge will be temporarily attached to the county road bridge. This temporary solution ends with the completion of the new cantilever bridge. The supply lines for water, gas, electricity and telecom will then be tacked back to the underside of the new bridge structure.

Already discussed several times
Mayor Lothar nagel (FCW) reminded the audience that the renovation of the fubganger bridge in munsterschwarzach had already been discussed repeatedly in the market town council. "The type of construction of this bridge always remained open", according to nagel. The superstructure of the old bridge is rusty and dilapidated, and the pillars are in need of renovation. "I liked the gangway bridge at the garden show site best of all the variants", the head of the municipality declared and set the direction for the subsequent discussion.

Josef wachter opposed the use of the old pillars. "We should not continue to use the supports, but rub them together with the bridge", he said. He fears that the reinforcement in the supports will soon start to rust again despite the renovation work. Wachter found few supporters for his opinion in the committee, especially because a one-piece bridge structure would be much more massive than a three-piece one. The future bridge is to be filigree in an area that is sensitive for the local image with the benedictine abbey church. According to mohr, the girders for a cantilever bridge had a length of 35 meters, which would seem very bulky at this point. Wachter's argument that flotsam gets stuck on the piers during floods was refuted by nagel: "the flotsam that washes up already gets stuck on the circular trench bridge and not on the piers of the fubganger bridge."

With regard to the costs, mohr described the three-part bridge as the most economical solution. 205 800 euro the three-span bridge will cost using the existing concrete supports. For a cantilever bridge the municipality had to spend about 40 000 euro more. However, mohr's figures were only a rough estimate, because luxury requests for handrails or flooring could quickly drive up the costs. Around 62,000 euros will be added for the provisional installation of the supply lines to the circular trench bridge and the final installation at the new pedestrian crossing.

The council's decision was of great importance for carsten mohr's work. In the next few weeks, he will work through the wishes of the market town council in detail and present variants for the execution of the three-part bridge that has been decided upon. Then he can also present more exact figures in terms of costs, as requested by hartmut ratz (FCW).


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