Bad kissingen old town redevelopment: skepticism and opportunity

Thomas fries is one of about 190 homeowners affected by the upcoming sewer renovation in the old town. The 60-year-old master carpenter owns several properties in weingasse – the block of houses, so to speak, starting with the OPC store at the corner of bachstrabe and ending with the courtyard entrance in front of the commerzbank building. He has already put a lot of money and work into the four houses over the past few years – after auben, they all look presentable and clean again. "You have to look after the houses to maintain their value", he thinks.

He is particularly taken with the property at weingasse 8. Downstairs, he has been running his own restaurant, tommy’s braterei, for a good two years now. He rents out apartments on the upper floors, one of which he occupies himself. The plastered half-timbered building is completely listed and, according to fries, was built at the end of the 17th century. The canal was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. "I find the house already. It has already survived several wars", he says.

Skepticism about the new old town

For years, the city has been planning the rough project for the new old town, and it is still not really foreseeable when the work will begin. Fries was initially skeptical and dismissive of the project, he says. "The main concern was of course: what will the whole thing cost me??", he explains.

The abolition of trench extension fees in bavaria two years ago is a great financial relief in itself. As a homeowner, he no longer has to share in the costs when the city rehabilitates the street in front of his house.

With regard to the new old town, however, he has to seal the sewage pipes on his properties at his own expense and reconstruct them so that they fit the later rehabilitated sewers. This has already happened with the listed half-timbered building. When he rebuilt the restaurant two years ago, he renewed the drainage system at the same time. "I approached the city and built it in such a way that everything would be taken care of later, he says. For the other properties, the drainage is still pending.

Coordination with property owners

In order to move forward with the planning for the new old town, the city’s civil engineering department has to coordinate with around 190 owners. "We can’t move forward without the owners. A basis for our planning is the private land drainage", says katja romeis from the project team. For an optimal construction process, the owners should first make their sewer connections, then the city renews the sewer and only needs to make the connection. Advantage: because the supply and communication lines are being renewed at the same time, a finished street would ideally not have to be dug up again for a long time.

How does the city coordinate with the owners?? First, the project team for the new old town offers to talk to the owners in the street. There the project is explained, questions are answered, misunderstandings are cleared up and suggestions are taken up. "The street talk will make sure that the owners get a technical understanding of the acceptance process", says romeis. After that there are individual consultations.

In the run-up to the project, the city also had the private sewer connections examined and renovation proposals drawn up. It emphasizes that the consultation and the remediation proposals are not binding. Every owner has the right to hire his own planner. "So far, we’ve had mostly positive feedback from property owners", reports romeis.

New old town as an opportunity

Once agreement is reached with all landowners, it will be incorporated into the city’s design plans. The design planning, in turn, is required for approval by the water authorities. Once this has been granted, the city can proceed with the planning for the event. So it will be a long time before the excavators start rolling.

Thomas fries is glad to have independent advice from the city. He says: "there the trust is already rough. Before, you didn’t know what you were in for." Especially on costs. He is now in a better position to assess the risks. Despite his profession as a craftsman, he is not familiar with the subject of sewers.

The consultation offers private individuals the certainty that the necessary work will be done properly. Planners advise fries to repair the leaking sewer pipes on his properties with an inliner, i.E. An inner pipe. That would save him dirt, auand and above all money. The advice has also changed his attitude toward the redevelopment of the old town. Fries sees it as an opportunity: "a rehabilitated fubganger zone increases the value of the buildings."

Sewerage rehabilitation in the fubganger zone: the "new old town" project area

Key data the project area covers the following streets and alleys: upper and lower marktstrabe, zwinger-, schul-, kirch-, bad- and weingasse, marktplatz, spar-, graben-, brunnen- and turmgasse as well as a section of von hessingstrabe. 1230 meters of sewers will be renewed, 152 land plots connected to the renovated sewers. Around 190 owners and owners’ associations are affected.

Consultation the city offers advice to property owners on a number of levels. So far, these have been/will be carried out for graben-, wein- and spargasse.


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