Away from the christmas rush

away from the christmas rush

Advent concerts – not again, it’s always the same. Some will say in the pre-christmas rush. Somehow that may be so. The brass band of markt burkardroth and the burkardroth choir proved that there is another way on sunday afternoon in the burkardroth "st" parish church. Peter in chains. The listeners were surprised how they could slow down and get ready for the festive season thanks to an unusual program. The organizers succeeded in giving a concert that was not an everyday occurrence, and the audience in the parish church, which was filled to capacity, was enthusiastic right from the start.

Already the introduction with the bombastic work "ukrainian bell carol" by the blaservereinigung markt burkardroth, under the musical direction of manuela moller, was a bang to get out of the hectic christmas time. Impressive was also the interpretation of "comfort ye my people" and "every valley" from "the messiah by georg friedrich handel. Voluminous and soulfully intoned manuela moller succeeded in a wonderful interpretation, which impressed.

The joy of music knew no bounds

The six young musicians of the burkardroth brass class, under the baton of luisa gartner, also performed "jingle bells" with charm and "tomorrow comes santa claus". They had only been learning their instrument for three months, but their joy of music knew no bounds. "Rock-hard bethlehemites" hieb a song that the men’s choir of the sangervereinigung, consisting of eleven men, interpreted in several voices with its sonorous voices.

The audience’s favorite, however, was the piece "kleiner trommeljunge" (little drum boy) the mixed choir (ten men and 20 women) of the sangervereinigung burkardroth under the direction of elmar brehm. With gerald benisch on manual and the well-known chorale prelude "wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme" (wake up, the voice calls us) BWV 645 by johann sebastian bach, the organ also had its say before all the performers and the audience heard georg friedrich handel’s "daughter of zion" from "the messiah intones. Dean stephan hartmann rounded off the appealing and heartfelt concert with contemplative advent thoughts: "christmas is also the festival of songs. In no other festive season are there as many concerts as in the advent season, and singing in the families is also cultivated. And it is the songs that not only proclaim the good news, but also create a space in the heart in which the mystery of the birth of christ, which we celebrate, finds its place and can also shape our lives."

A concert of music

It was precisely this mixture of appealing polyphonic singing, successful christmas brass music and contemplative words that made the concert so touching. Advent concert not again? No, this concert was more. It was balm for the soul and also a wonderful signal from the market community of how advent can be celebrated together.


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