Art and culture hold court here

While some seek the proximity of the metropolises, others turn to rural regions to give art and culture a new home there. Among them are ismail mukadam and henrik stein. The entrepreneur and the banker, who both live in frankfurt, have found a new home in hafenpreppach castle, and they plan to awaken the baroque castle from its dormant state with concerts and cultural events.

The castle dates back to the 16th century. Century and is situated on a hill surrounded by a castle garden and a park. "The castle was not a ruin. It was ready to move into and had wonderful potential for expansion, so we decided to buy it," he says, tells henrik stone. That was three years ago when he and ismail mukadam discovered the baroque castle in hafenpreppach and decided to buy it.

Since then a lot has happened. They completely renovated the first floor, founded the HIMS academy, and recently the association "music and art in hafenpreppach" was founded brought to life. The goals of the academy and the association are complementary: organization and promotion of cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, master classes, artist-in-residence programs, lecture series, discussion rounds, education and training of people interested in culture, as well as the promotion of youth work.

Ismail mukadam is already in talks with a renowned indian artist. Mukund iyer is to come to schloss hafenpreppach next year to work there and offer workshops. "We want the castle to develop into a place of intercultural exchange", affirmed mukadam. He himself comes from india, studied art in london and has extensive contacts in the current international art scene. "I started collecting art when I was 13 years old", he says and so it is obvious that he would like to share this passion with others. For almost 20 years now he has been living in germany.

For henrik stein, too, art, especially music, is an essential part of his life. "I have been connected with classical music for 40 years", he says. And he goes on to say: "when i was a student in vienna, i bought standing tickets for the opera and saw pavarotti, domingo and many other opera stars live at their zenith." This intimate connection to classical music is also reflected in the planning of the current concert series "classic makes happie" in the castle of hafenpreppach.

The concert "mostly mozart" was the first one with the blaseroktett of the staatskapelle berlin on 1. September. This concert will be followed on 30. November the tilia quartet of the staatskapelle berlin with compositions by ludwig van beethoven and felix mendelssohn-bartholdy in the church of schloss tambach.

Mozart at the center

On 1. March 2020 the brass quintet of the staatskapelle berlin will perform works by wolfgang amadeus mozart, darius milhaud, alexander von zemlinsky and hanns eisler, also in the church of schloss tambach, and on 10. May 2020 the string quartet of the staatskapelle berlin will return to hafenpreppach castle with works by mozart, franz schubert and leoš janacek.

By the end of next year, the conversion of the orangerie into a concert hall should be completed. Future concerts will take place either outdoors or, in case of bad weather, in the new orangerie.

The contact to the renowned staatskapelle berlin has also arisen from the private interest in opera and the orchestra and its wonderful ensembles. The orchestra celebrates its 450th anniversary next year. Jubilee, and so the idea was born to have chamber music ensembles with musicians from the staatskapelle berlin give guest performances in schloss hafenpreppach.

"We are pleased to have been able to accompany the development of this new cultural venue", wolfgang hinzpeter is pleased. He is a violist in the staatskapelle berlin, loves chamber music and advises the HIMS-academy in concert planning and dramaturgy of the music programs of the individual concerts.

Exclusive and professional

Without a doubt, henrik stein and ismail mukadam have their sights set high. The events and projects of the HIMS-academy are characterized by a high degree of professionalism, quality and exclusivity, according to its own claim. But the passion for the cause, the contacts with the orchestras and artists, and the magic of the baroque castle make it likely that the name hafenpreppach will be mentioned more often in connection with high-profile art and cultural events in the future.


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