Arbitration likely

Construction boom, but "apprentice boom": construction companies in the district of kronach are urgently looking for new recruits, says the construction trade union. 69 unfilled apprenticeship positions are currently registered with the employment agency, according to a press release. "This will probably not change in the near future. Most bosses in the kronach district should be prepared for the fact that it will be extremely difficult to find trainees for the time being", says gerald nicklas.
The district chairman of IG BAU upper franconia is massively critical: "construction employers still do not understand that it is high time to make jobs in construction much more attractive. It starts with the paycheck. And this is where young people need to be given the perspective of a modern job future on the construction site." At the moment, "the battle for the best heads is clashing with a 'concrete-headed ambition' mentality on the part of construction employers.". Expression for it is the recent failure of the construction collective bargaining, in which the IG BAU has demanded a wage increase of 6 percent with a term of twelve months. Also a 13. Monthly income for all construction workers.

Building boom

"We have a construction boom. And the companies in the district of kronach have full order books. Many don't know where to get the people to get the job done. Despite this, the employers have only put a shamefully thirsty offer on the table", says nicklas.
Arbitration is now looking more and more likely. If ex-federal minister of economics wolfgang clement, as mediator, fails to persuade the construction employers to put a reasonable offer on the table, the construction dispute threatens to escalate.

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