Animal welfare association for meat levy of up to 20 cents per kilo

Animal welfare association for meat levy of up to 20 cents per kilo

In the discussion about higher meat prices, the german animal protection association has spoken out in favor of a special purpose levy on meat.

Association president thomas schroder told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung": "we need a fixed meat levy, which is added to the price. The money can be used to finance the necessary conversion of animal husbandry."

According to schroder, the surcharge must be 10 to 20 cents per kilogram in order to be able to finance necessary barn conversions. "That’s 1 or 2 cents per 100 grams of schnitzel," said schroder, emphasizing: "it’s important that the levy is earmarked for a specific purpose, otherwise retailers will earn a golden nose and farmers will go home empty-handed."

Schroder rejected criticism of the demands for higher meat prices, saying that they would particularly burden low-income households. Social policy must take action here and, for example, adjust hartz IV rates. "But it is also clear: there is no human right to cheap meat, eating meat is not relevant for the system." Not changing the conditions under which pigs, cattle or poultry are kept would be ethically unacceptable.


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