Advent market in bamberger sand even offered a spring bloom

Advent market in bamberger sand even offered a spring bloom

Small but nice was the advent market in the sand in the shadow of the st.-elisabeth church as a mute reminder not to lose sight of the real meaning of the christmas season. At least the many children, who watched the relaxed hustle and bustle with shining eyes, may be expecting the christ child. Also the adults, who buried the first advent in the eve mass with pastor hans lyer.

When the blacksmith hammers on the anvil

Immediately in front of the church portal a blacksmith hammers on the anvil. Sparks came out of the fire basket and lit up the crowd in front of the mulled wine stall.

It was comforting to know that engelhard schmitt, a professional firefighter, was nearby and also had a very steady hand. Visitors to his wooden booth could see for themselves: schmitt makes tiny silhouettes with special tools. "This tree has exactly 976 branches and is just as rough as a cent", his wife gerda proudly showed off a special specimen.

For strab children in bolivia

Engelhard schmitt laughed modestly. He spent about three months working on this mini tree, he says. And that all the proceeds from the sale will go to a project for street children in bolivia.

"Namaste, julee, tashi delek and thank you" will also tell people in nepal, tibet, bhutan, to whom the bamberg-based association "himal-initiative deutschland" is dedicated helps in various projects. With the sale of handicrafts from the himalayan region and of heiben maroni, members of the association continued to collect money for school sponsorships, health care facilities or reconstruction after natural disasters. With so much support for the future of people in need, it was touching to admire the nativity scenes at the neighboring stand – with the baby jesus in the middle.

Ox, donkey, shepherd and more

Eckhard henzler, carver from weismain, created them as collapsible tree trunk books with figures. In addition to the holy family, shepherds, ox and donkey he carves the whole animal world on request. So he had prepared in a box blanks of lime and alder wood, which he now completed. Children chose their favorite animal: dog or cat, horse, rooster or snail. Eckhard henzler put the carving knife to work on an elephant for a little girl. The child then gently helped to smooth out the last irregularities on the russel with sandpaper.

Turnings, artistic ceramics, robust wooden toys, filigree costume jewelry and more: the range of goods on offer at this advent market was impressive in terms of quality. Rarer culinary delights such as apple punch with calvados and amaretto, roast apple and even oysters complemented traditional treats such as bratwurst and gluhwein.

A regional delicacy was offered by beekeeper markus hilfgenhaus from french switzerland. In charming contrast to the christmas decorations, he offered honey called "fruhlingsblute" or "summer costume at. "Try it for yourself!" The beekeeper invited to test from open glasses before the purchase. "Preferably", so the judgement of a monk.

The bees are doing well because …

Thus he confirmed the remark of markus hilfgenhaus "that the bees are doing well because the beekeeper looks after them". Bees had it better than other insects and were fed on sugar and old honey in winter.

The now 13. Advent market in the sand was organized by the IG "interessand" organized by the burgerverein IV. District supports. Various choirs and bands enriched the market with atmospheric advent music. The only regret was the rainy weather.


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