Adam sono: making a hobby of his profession

Adam sono: making a hobby of his profession

Adam sono – who is that? Called alexander schug by his burger name, he is known in ebern and the surrounding area mainly as a drummer and drum teacher. After studying all kinds of percussion instruments for almost a decade and playing as a drummer and percussionist in a wide variety of bands and orchestras for even longer, he had to come up with something new … Alexander schug became a songwriter and guitarist at the age of 27. A good sign? In any case, he has now gone from being a professional drummer to an amateur guitarist and singer, and has thus done something that only a few people do: turned his profession into a hobby. He finally gave himself the artistic name adam sono (pronounced in english) and also quickly began to prepare his first CD release. Now the work is finished and carries the name "toxoplasma gondii". The special thing about it is that schug recorded the songs as if a whole band was playing, i.E. With guitars, bass, organ, drumset, percussion and also vibraphone. Thus the circle closes and the drummer in adam sono did not come too briefly.

At his live performance on friday, 14. September, from 9 pm at the "toxic-toast in coburg, however, he will be on stage with guitar only. A very special highlight rounds off the evening: the concert with wastel kauz. Songwriter wastel kauz shows that french switzerland has more to offer than climbing rocks and beer. Biting, humorous and french, he sings his way through the country. On this evening in coburg, according to the announcement, "everything will be purely acoustical go. This evening he will be accompanied by Jeremia reinders on the concert guitar.Due to the performances at the music festival "rambazamba in der pampa in untermerzbach he has already become a local cult figure. With the accompaniment of jeremia reinders, the friends of guitar virtuosity will also get their money's worth this evening


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