A madness called rockabilly

A madness called rockabilly

For a long time now, five smart guys from los angeles have been catapulting the music pub "horst" in eltmann into the stratosphere of rockabilly madness and became the announced "rock 'n' roll bombardment" more than just.

The record label "wild records" from the u.S. Brought out the wild known "delta bombers" as well as the frontsanger lou ferns alias slim from "the desperados have been a household name for many fans for years with their so-called wild desperate-rock-'n'-roll, a mixture of 50s rock, blues and rockabilly elements.
The beginning in eltmann was made by slim with his songs "let's get wild" and "let's have some fun. He even had a surprise in store in between.

Homage to drafi deutscher

Without accent the exceptional artist with mexican roots brought the raving audience completely out of their minds: "don't cry when the rain falls, dam dam, dam dam dam…."
Even drafi deutscher didn't trust his ears and probably sang his schlagerhit "marmor, stein und eisen bricht transmitted to slim without pulling forever.

Since a good concert usually goes too fast over the stage, there were of course the desired encores. And because slim has been playing since the performance three years ago at the international rock'n'-roll festival "get rhythm – go wild" his "second family" in ebelsbach he got his "family members" to join him from our home circle around the bands "carolina& her rhythm rockets" and "marc& the wild ones" and the singer lily moe on the stage.

Together they celebrated the unique world of rockabilly together with the enthusiastic supporters on the raging dance floor. After a short "band-break" (2012) it was far from quiet in the music pub. The original 7-inch records of dj big foot mike from ebelsbach provided non-stop dancing around jive, strogger and bop – and that until the morning hours.

Also the second musical delicacy from california already got to know the habberge. The makers of "get rhythm-go wild got the wild "delta bombers" after their foundation in 2008 only three years later for the first time on the european continent to ebelsbach. For the californians "rock'n'roll is vulgar, dirty and wild good". Exactly this philosophy they set to music with driving rhythms, wicked and holy at the same time, refined by the powerful voice of chris moinichen.

Festival in august

That french beer is one of the tastiest in the world is not only known to the "delta-sanger no longer a secret. The performance on the somewhat smaller horst stage was "really fun. I like small clubs, because there is more energy in the crowd", so chris. The last encore was the famous delta-bluesong "smokestack lightning" from howlin wolf (1956) in their own "bombers" way from their own album "wolf (2012). This is how modern rock'n'roll blues has to sound.

About the upcoming sixth edition of the festival "get rhythm – go wild" in the time between the 11. And 13. August in ebelsbach/eltmann can fans and curious on the internet at getrhythm-gowild.Com inform. In addition to performances by artists from the U.S., brazil and all over europe, the program for august also includes a pool party, a flea market, a jive workshop and a classic car tour.


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