A jewel for medbach

Right in the heart of the small hochstadt district of medbach, there is now "the most beautiful playground far and wide" – mayor gerald brehm (JL) – inviting medbach children to play.

On 21. In april, shortly after easter, construction work had begun, and now, after a good six months, everything is finished. Only the greeting and a round bench are still missing. The square in the center of the village became more attractive and it is not only a playground but also a festival place for the village community.

"The first cost estimate at the time was 370,000 euros", said the mayor at the burial ceremony. It is very well under, because the current cost is 285 000 euros. The village community contributed with their own work, such as the disposal of the excavated soil (about 5,000 euros), the installation of the transfer shaft and the water connection for the facility (about 1,000 euros), and the laying of the empty pipes and the electrical connection for the toilet trailer (about 800 euros).

The playground has a sand play area, a sand dredger, a water pump, a swing, a zip line, a climbing structure, a trampoline, a soccer goal and a hat for the parents. Brehm buried the children, but in addition to the parents also all who had contributed to the success of this ornament.

"Together you have created something for the future", praised the mayor. Medbach really deserves this place, because the place is, among other things, very much burdened by traffic. Corona could not celebrate a coarser feast that late afternoon. "But this will be done as soon as the pandemic is over", promised brehm. He wished the village community all the best and an accident-free playground season.


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