A book for the whole county

A book for the whole county

The yearbook for the district of kitzingen "im bannkreis des schwanbergs" has been published for five years now with changing focal points in the J.H. Roll publishing house in dettelbach. After kitzingen, iphofen, volkach and marktbreit, this time the stories and history of prichsenstadt are the main content of the approximately 300-page work.
Volker bolesta joins the ranks of authors for the first time. The former elementary school teacher and educator has lived in prichsenstadt for 30 years now. "When I came here, I noticed the numerous inscriptions in the archways, but no one could tell me anything about their origin", he remembers.
With the town's permission, he began to read the archives and civil registers, researched the family histories of the individual properties and began to record the craft marks. He is fascinated by the old writings that date back to the 17th century. Handing back the century. "However, you have to read well to recognize the sentence structure and to be able to decipher the old manuscripts", he says not without pride.
In the meantime, as a volunteer archivist, he has his own key to the rooms with the antiquarian treasures and often buries himself there for many hours. He is interested in the lives of ordinary people, the little man in the village. Volker bolesta says about his motivation: "he who does not know his past cannot shape his future"."
In the course of his research, the archivist naturally also looked into one of prichsenstadt's best-known traditions, which still serves as a tourist attraction today, the night watchman. From the 17. The first service regulations for the night watchman, who was supposed to prevent nighttime alarms in the city and take suspected persons into custody, date back to the nineteenth century. This tradition is the subject of bolesta's interesting article in the county book.

Praise from the mayor

"It has become something wonderful", mayor adolf falkenstein praised the book at the presentation on monday evening. He thanked all those who had gathered facts behind the scenes to bring this book to life.
Head of publications reinhard hubner recalled the beginnings of this county book, which go back to the 1960s. After a painful hiatus starting in 1982, the story collection has been published annually again since 2009, thanks to the dedicated team of authors. Once again, the topics are as varied as the authors, who range from university professors to ambitious hobby historians and who make their contributions on a voluntary basis.
Some of the authors were invited to give a brief insight into their work. Berthold freiherr von crailsheim gave a lecture on the changes during various epochs of his current residence, the former moated castle in altenschonbach.

Unique children's graves

This part of prichsenstadt, or rather the church there, was also the subject of research by the former university lecturer in history, professor dr. Klaus arnold, from kitzingen. In his report, he described as unique the children's graves in the church nave, which bear witness to the love of georg wolf von crailsheim for his eleven children who had died before him.
Monika conrad describes a fabulous hike up the schwanberg mountain. For years, your hobbyhorse has been this mountain, around which so many stories are woven. Despite the focus on prichsenstadt, historical topics from the entire region are included in the county book, which are varied and entertaining to read.


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