8.6 Billion since 1990 for urban development in the east – seehofer pledges demand “at a high level

The federal government has supported urban development in eastern germany with almost 8.6 billion euros since reunification. At the opening of the nationwide urban development day in leipzig on saturday, federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) said the demand would continue "at a high level" to.

Germany is running out of sand – building will become more expensive?

"Creating a home"

"This means not only the rejuvenation of town and village quarters, but also the creation of a home for the people." this is the most important task next to affordable housing. "I consider the issue of rent and housing to be the social issue of our time." they can only be loosened by working together.

Since 2015, the city construction day has provided citizens and experts with annual information on current strategies and measures. More than 500 communities nationwide held around 650 events to show how people's living environments are changing for the better and how they can get involved in the development of their communities. The spectrum ranged from district tours to festivals to construction site visits. "To strengthen this sense of burgers is our goal", seehofer said. 


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